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The ills of modern society will not go away until the stature of women finds its natural state of adoration and reverence by men. I don’t mean pay parity and access to corporate board rooms and the bunkum political entitlement. Look at what modern women are doing. They are imitating man’s ways, for they are confused and are pushed into a position they don’t want. They are reacting for survival.

Women’s future is mankind’s future! Think about it. It’s a serious issue for humanity’s future.

Think about your children and grand children. Do you want to leave behind a civilization, where women are exploited and used for commercialism, rather than being caring sisters, mothers and wives, binding and holding families together, providing a safe and secure environment for the whole society? A child is born to one set of parents. But, it’s society’s responsibility – greater than parent’s responsibility – to provide a secure and safe environment for her growth and ripening.

Out of known forms of life on planet earth, the human baby requires about 20 years to mature and become a productive member of the society. She is indebted to society, which she willing repays and the link moves forward. Nobody can be an isolated island in the midst of a society and yet be a productive member (under normal conditions). We are entering the true state of ALTRUISM. Ask “what can I do for others?” And if everyone adopts this mindset, everyone is looked after by hundreds around them. And that’s SOCIETY, a mother society, a nurturing community.

This is also stated in the old wisdoms of Kabbalah and The Vedas.

Study vegetation in general and trees in particular. Studies show that trees are social and intercommunicating in ways, we don’t understand and might not ever understand. We don’t understand birds either. They use space-density channels to fly across continents. Birds are the biggest consumer of space. (More in and //

An example. Monarch butterflies fly from Ontario, Canada to a forest north of Mexico city. It takes six (6) generations along the way, to complete the journey in one direction. Think about it. How do the newborns along the way know their course. As an aside, their numbers have dwindled from 50 million to about 5 million.

This is a S.O.S. which we can’t ignore.

If we only study the material aspect of things (science), we’ll never understand the wonderous ways of nature, of which we are an integral part.

We have arrived at an important juncture in NATURE’S PLAN. People are coming together from far away countries. Politically, economically and socially, people are connecting with others with a tolerance and understanding, never seen before. We are becoming more and more interconnected and interdependent by the day. The common MIND is expanding. We are inter-linking with each other in new ways, not yet understood by psychology and science. People are drawn to each other, by sheer curiosity at the obvious (science) level, but in reality at a much deeper level (spiritual).

Commercial interests distort and pervert this natural pull.

Everyone on the face of this earth wants to help, no matter how poor or ill-equipped they are. Isn’t this proof enough?

Travel to poorer (economically by some minds, but richer by others) countries and observe their behavior. It will boggle your mind. How can life exist, without so much?

Think about what I have written above. It will make your life easier and your neighbor’s.

An appeal by:

Ravi Sadana
Servant of humanity.

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Science of the future

Up-to-date science for knowledge of the future

Resource center for a new look at Human-Cosmos relationship thru Applied Psychology

Academic science is formal. Its language and mathematics too difficult for an ordinary person to understand or relate to. I present to academia and the public new ideas and theories in simple terms for personal education and realization using methods and techniques from the roots of first principles Рa foundation underlying first principles of modern science itself.

For twenty years, Ravi Sadana has been researching the two types of things in the universe.
Type 1
These entities need physical space to exist. For example: Stars, waves, antimatter, molecules.
Type 2
These entities don’t occupy physical space. For example: Mind, thoughts, consciousness, memory
Where as Physical sciences work in type 1 area only, Metaphysical Sciences work in type 1 and type 2 areas.
His new theory “The Living Grand Unified Field Theory” unifies the two types on one continuum. For author bio please see the books page in the link provided below.

Research work over the last twenty years has produced two new theories.
The Living Grand Unified Field Theory
The Metaphysical Sciences

The work was presented as two concept papers at the annual meeting of The American Association for Advancement of Science, Pacific Division, June 17-21, 2007 at Boise Center, Boise, Idaho

(The papers are quite easy to read and understand. Please do spend a few minutes in reviewing the material.
Thank you.)

Check out this link to learn more.
An invitation to every one in the world – I need your help

Science has done wonderful things for mankind to improve health, communications, education and technology to make life convenient for everyone. Thank you science, for machines and gadgets.

But science focuses on only about five per cent of the things that are essential for LIFE to exist, that is, things that can be seen and measured by modern instruments. That’s why it has made vast material progress. It has now reached a stage where it is preoccupied with gross materialism and profiteering by Big Business by forming secret alliances with them. Science is now so powerful and vested in the minds of The Intelligentsia, Politicians and the public at large, as the only true vehicle of human progress, that, questioning anything it says will soon become treason!

Not billions but trillions of dollars worldwide are being wasted annually on doubtful projects to satisfy vested interests, egotism (lure of the Nobel Prize) and just to maintain the momentum that has been built up, for example in Cosmology, Astrobiology, Particle Physics etc. Some theories are so iffy and shaky that more powerful particle colliders have to be built at a cost of billions, to discover an unending stream of exotic particles.

Shouldn’t humanity pause and reflect and look at the self-energizing and self-serving cycle of priorities to allocate funds? Who will even mention the subject? Where will it come up? Not in scientific or political circles!

Science is against spiritualism (pure spiritualism, not religion).

This is a very dangerous situation. Some aspects of science are now following dictatorial policies that cut back on the freedom to do original research. If a scientist does not follow the current paradigm, her/his job may be at stake.

I am not against science. I have been a research scientist all my life. Many things in the universe need to be understood, but that knowledge has to serve mankind. A sense of balance between runaway materialism and human happiness has to be talked about. Materialism is so deeply rooted in the mind of a consumer that employment in the economy has become a sacred god worshipped by all politicians to promote consumerism to expand the economy. This policy extinguishes all debate about other options.


So get involved at any level. Start the Sanity Group, you are its first chairman.

An appeal by:
Ravi Sadana
Servant of humanity

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